Doug TenNapel Guest-hosts! Christian Art In Hollywood / Mythical Riots / Gavin The Grinch
The Babylon Bee · Jul 31, 2020 ·

This is The Babylon Bee Weekly News Show for the week of 7/31/2020.

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In this episode of The Babylon Bee Podcast, Kyle and Ethan are joined by good friend Doug TenNapel to talk about the week's big stories like John MacArthur standing up to the real-life grinch, the government favoring Caesar's palace over Calvary Chapel, and the riots being a myth. Doug TenNapel also talks about Christian art in Hollywood. This episode might be our most flower-bedded yet.

In the subscriber portion, Ethan and Doug spill on behind-the-scenes stuff writing and showrunning VeggieTales, and then, with Kyle, take a question from a subscriber on Christians using discernment on what media to enjoy, and make Doug undergo the ten questions! 

Show Outline


Mike Adams passed and we take a moment to honor him.

Stuff That's Good

Kyle likes Gang Beasts.

Ethan likes Kids Write Jokes.
Doug likes Terry Scott Taylor

Weird News

Pentagon Has 'Off-World Vehicles Not Made on This Earth'

'How weird is this?': From Wrigley Field rooftops, fans - including NASCAR star Kurt Busch - get a unique view

Man's doorbell rings at 2am and he checks security camera to find creepy visitor

'Rude' couple's wedding invite blasted as they sort guests into three categories

​​​​​​​Pet Cat First Animal to Test Positive for COVID-19 in U.K.

Man sets up fake Chewbacca roar contest to get revenge on ex 

Stories of the Week

Story 1

Governor Newsom Enraged After Hearing Churches Singing Down In Whoville

Summary: California governor Gavin Newsom was roused from writing new laws this week when he heard a strange sound coming from outside his icy mountain-top dwelling. It was those Christians singing down in Whoville! SINGING!

We play a wonderful Grinch skit with help from subscriber Austin Robertson!

  • Supreme Court denies plea from Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley in Nevada that it is hurt by lockdowns while casinos are allowed to reopen in 5-4 decision

  • Gorsuch dissented

  • Credit to Bee subscriber and standup comedian David Deeble

See also: 'FREEEEDOOOOM!!!' Cries Kilt-Wearing John MacArthur Defying Government Order To Close Church 

Story 2

Federal 'Secret Police' Disguise Selves As Rioters So Democrat Mayors Will Let Them Do Whatever They Want

Summary: President Trump isn't going to take threats against his federal secret police lying down, and has instructed his agents to dress up as rioters so that Democratic politicians will let them do whatever they want.

Story 3

'The Violent Riots Are A Myth,' Says Rep. Nadler As Antifa Sets Fire To Congressional Hearing Room

Summary: Representative Jerry Nadler continued to insist that the violent riots across the country are "a myth" in a hearing today, even as Antifa rioters stormed the Capitol Building and set fire to the very room where Nadler was testifying.

  • Nadler was confronted about the violent riots from Antifa and other leftists groups and claimed that they are a myth

Topic of the Week

The Left Is Winning the Culture War

Hate Mail

We go through some Apple Podcast reviews and wonder why a husband has to ask his wife for permission to give us money.

Subscriber Portion

  • Ethan and Doug spill on working for VeggieTales
  • The guys answer a question from a subscriber on discernment in media consumption
  • Ten questions for Doug

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