Did You Donate To BLM? Here Are 10 Moving Photos Of What Your Money Funded
Sponsored · Nov 3, 2023 · BabylonBee.com

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The Black Lives Matter movement has left an indelible mark on society over the last few years, giving us greater racial awareness as well as burned and demolished inner cities. With so much accomplished, it's time to look back and see where your money has gone and what you've helped BLM achieve.

If you donated to the BLM cause, The Babylon Bee is here to show you what you helped make possible.

  1. Gold-plated caviar for BLM founder Patrisse Cullors

She eats 19 pounds of it every day. Don't you feel better knowing she is being richly rewarded for her noble labor?

2. A sensible BLM company car which happens to be a golden Bentley

Every organization needs a way to get people from Point A to Point B. This humble vehicle was made possible through your generosity.

3. This golden mansion on a floating sky island

This beauty wasn't going to last long on the market, but your donations helped BLM snap it up.

4. Rockets for Hamas

Nothing achieves racial harmony in the world like helping a terrorist organization attempt to wipe out an entire ethnic group.

5. Taylor Swift tickets

Your money helped provide BOTH of Tay Tay's black fans with front-row seats to the Eras tour.

6. This $500,000 Hunter Biden painting

Yes, it looks like a kindergartner painted it, but he's actually a world-famous crackhead…er, artist.

7. The deed to Epstein Island

Word has it this can be a serious income-generating property if you network with the right people.

8. Security fence to keep the riffraff out of their new mansions

Something needs to be done to keep out those BLM rioters.

9. 200,000 pairs of Nike Air Jordans

They can be looted for free, but your donations helped them be acquired the legal way.

10. The Squad

Real high-rolling charities don't make a difference by buying things — they buy politicians.

It's amazing to see what your money has done. Just think of what BLM can do with more! Keep those donations rolling in!

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