Man Brilliantly Defuses Argument By Telling Wife To Calm Down
Christian Living · Apr 1, 2020 ·

U.S. - Local man Paul Jensen is being heralded as a genius and hero after he got the brilliant idea to defuse an argument with his wife by suggesting that she "calm down."

Paul and Rachel were arguing over finances when the idea came to him to just ask her to relax and settle down a bit. He was baffled that he had never thought of this before, as it's such a surefire tactic. He also couldn't believe no one else had ever tried this in the history of mankind since it's such a great idea.

"Why don't you just relax, babe?" said the man in a stroke of genius. "Calm down. Take a chill pill. Settle down. Take a deep breath. Count to ten. Let's be rational here."

The tactic had the instant and immediate effect of his wife calming down, exactly as he had intended. He knew she had calmed down because she immediately threw a pillow at him and left the room, slamming the door behind her -- instantly ending the argument and all of Paul's worries.

"Slamming the door? Oh, that's just a little inside joke between me and her," he told reporters as things broke in the next room. "When she slams the door, what she's really saying is, 'I love you.' Classic Rachel."


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