Wuhan Beginning To Rethink Newly Installed Sign Reading 'Birthplace Of Covid'
Health · May 27, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

WUHAN - After President Biden instructed U.S. intelligence to increase their efforts in discovering the origins of COVID-19, city officials of Wuhan gathered together to try to understand the sudden interest in their wonderful city again. 

"We have seen the statements made by President Biden and we are completely blown away as to why the skepticism has arisen again in the origins of this deadly virus" stated interim Wuhan mayor Zhao Po-Ding. "All we have been is completely forthright in these matters and have definitely not hidden any wrongdoing by suppressing the news coming out of our city and country."

Another official quickly pointed out that this all could be stemming from the recently installed sign outside of a local Wuhan lab that reads "Birthplace of Covid" in large print. 

Frequent Wuhan lab visitor and top U.S. infectious disease expert Dr. Fauci is now questioning the origin of the virus after seeing the newly erected sign. "I saw it and began to think that it's possible it could have started there, I mean I don't want to jump to conclusions because the sign clearly only says it's the 'birthplace of COVID'. That could really mean anything," stated a perplexed Fauci. "It's definitely something I would send a young intern that I wouldn't care about seeing again to further investigate."

Wuhan officials quickly moved to take the sign down and replace it with a new one simply stating "Nothing to see here, please move along."



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