After California Passes New Fast Food Minimum Wage, Jack-In-The-Box Announces 2 Tacos For $20
Life · Oct 3, 2023 ·

SAN DIEGO, CA — Following the passing of legislation to raise the minimum wage for fast food workers in California, San Diego-based restaurant chain Jack-In-The-Box has announced it will now be rolling out a special offer of two tacos for just $20.

"We're excited to pass these new minimum wages on to our customers," said Jack-In-The-Box public relations spokesperson Curt Hennig. "We're proud of the fact that we've always been known for our affordable meal deals, and this new offering is no different. Two of our famous, delicious tacos for the low price of only $20. That's just $10 per taco, folks!"

Economic experts expressed concern when California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the law to raise the minimum wage for fast food workers to $20. "Does anyone think this will actually end well?" asked financial analyst Micah Schmidt. "If the employees keep their jobs, restaurants will just make everything more expensive. If that doesn't help, businesses will just replace employees with robots. Either way, customers will stop coming, people will lose their jobs, and robots will topple human civilization. Thanks a lot, Governor Newsom!"

Sources within Jack-In-The-Box headquarters indicated there were other factors at play. "Yes, the minimum wage increase played a huge role," one person said. "But we're also trying to make as much money as we can before everyone in the world realizes our food kinda sucks."

At publishing time, Jack-In-The-Box was reportedly also preparing to charge $1 per packet of taco sauce, making the total price for a dinner of four tacos and the appropriate amount of taco sauce only $50.

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