Trump's Decision To Host Next G7 Summit At Chuck E. Cheese Draws Criticism
Politics · Oct 18, 2019 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Trump's decision to host the next G-7 Summit at an area Chuck E. Cheese has drawn some criticism.

"This particular location only has a seating capacity of 200," said Nancy Pelosi. "How can we get all these world leaders packed in there? And their salad bar is sub-par." Pelosi also said that while their Skee-Ball machines are adequate, the restaurant's basketball games are always short on basketballs. "And some kids' parents just carry them up to the hoop anyway. It's total chaos."

Democrats quickly called for impeachment over the controversial move, while Republicans praised Trump's "4D chess maneuver" of forcing Democrats to condemn a beloved American institution like Chuck E. Cheese.

"This is a brilliant move from the master strategist," said one OANN anchor. "Dems will now have to condemn pizza, video games, and beer."

"The do-nothing Democrats want to get rid of Chuck E. Cheese. Sad!" Trump tweeted. "It's the only place left where a kid can be a kid!" Trump also pointed out that you can order the pizza and then sneak over to the salad bar to grab unlimited ranch dressing for your dip. "You just grab it," he said. "The employees are too busy pulling kids off the stage with the animatronic band for them to notice."

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