Trump Announces New Social Network Where The Only Thing You Can Post Is 'Let's Go Brandon'

WEST PALM BEACH, FL—Trump has announced a brand new social network called TRUTH to compete with Big Tech. To set the network apart from the competition and entice die-hard Trump supporters, TRUTH will only allow you to post the traditional American chant "Let's Go Brandon!" 

"TRUTH will be the greatest social network, and it won't even be close folks," said Trump. "Everyone will have free access to everything I post, and I mean everything. Frankly, I feel sorry for Twitter. Everyone who uses Twitter is a complete loser and everyone knows it! Believe me, everyone knows it."

Trump's head programmer is promising an exciting user experience for everyone. "Users of the new social network will be able to say "Let's Go Brandon" to their friends, "Let's Go Brandon" to their relatives, and "Let's go Brandon" to each other," he said. "In addition, you will be able to read other people's posts, which will also say "Let's Go Brandon."

Sources confirmed TRUTH will soon roll out additional phrases for people to post, such as "I Love Trump!", "I Love Melania!", and "RIGGED ELECTION!"

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