Triumph: This Man Whittled His Friends List Down To Only People He Agrees With And Now He's The Only One Left
Worldviews · Jul 13, 2018 ·


After many careful weeks of curating his social media friends lists, local man Wes Barnett finally managed to eliminate everyone except people who agree with him 100% on everything, leaving only himself.

Wow, way to go, Wes! You have achieved true social media nirvana the rest of us can only dream of! Go, Wesley! Go, Wesley!

So how did he pull it off?

Well, anytime he saw an opinion that differed slightly from his own, Wes would quietly remove the person from his friends list. Comments he didn't like, links to articles that didn't fit his worldview, posts that made him uncomfortable - these and more offenses would trigger Wes's iron ban hammer. Anyone who expressed an opinion that deviated the tiniest bit from his opinions suffered the wrath of Wes and his mighty "Unfriend" button.

"I didn't make any exceptions - the slightest variation on my own beliefs, and you were outta there," Wes said as he scrolled his Facebook feed, completely empty of everything except his own posts. "Now, I agree with absolutely everyone I see on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and I don't have to worry about questioning my worldview."

Wesley, you are the man. If only we could all be as diligent as he, this country would be a far more civil place!

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