The Top 15 Gravest Threats To Democracy
Sponsored · Oct 25, 2022 ·

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Democracy is very fragile. Be careful with it! Stray but a little and democracy shall fail.

Here are 15 things that put democracy itself in jeopardy every day:

  1. Democracy: We can't let democracy get in the way and ruin our perfect democracy.
  2. Independent journalism: Truth can only come from state and corporation-approved sources.
  3. Voter ID: This is Jim Crow supersized times a billion trillion on mega-steroids. Everyone knows the freest, fairest, and most secure elections involve ZERO forms of ID.
  4. The Constitution: It was written by slave owners who wore white wigs. Disgusting.
  5. Questioning the results of any election Democrats won: Scary to think about.
  6. Accepting the results of any election Republicans won: Even scarier to think about!
  7. Squirrels: They've got to be up to something.
  8. Only getting four COVID boosters: Your lack of compliance is disturbing.
  9. Criticizing runaway inflation: Shame on you. It's your patriotic duty to pay more for everything.
  10. Not giving all our money to Ukraine: Just how committed are you to defending democracy?
  11. 74 million+ people who voted for Trump: That's right, nearly half of voters are a direct threat.
  12. Red meat: Every bite brings us one step closer to the precipice of destruction.
  13. People praying in front of abortion clinics: Someone needs to call the FBI before democracy collapses!
  14. People talking without Mark Zuckerberg being there to censor their conversation: Already happening in hundreds of coffee shops across America.
  15. Tucker Carlson - REEEEEE!

Well, there you have it, folks! Do your part to defend democracy, and report anyone who has done anything on this list directly to the Department of Justice.

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Thank you,

Connor Boyack

Author, Tuttle Twins

Founder, Libertas Institute

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