The 14 Scariest Costumes From Halloween 2023
Life · Nov 1, 2023 ·

The Reese's cups have all been eaten and another Halloween is in the books — meaning it's time for The Babylon Bee's roundup of the scariest costumes we saw in 2023! Read on -- if you dare:

  1. National Debt Counter: Terrifying, even to grown-ups.
  2. High School Acquaintance Trying to Sell You Essential Oils: She'll NEVER STOP.
  3. Joe Biden's Chin: Grotesque. Just -- ugh, man.
  4. Ghost: They're still pretty scary.
  5. Post-Conservatorship Britney Spears: Move over, Michael Myers.
  6. The Meaningless Existential Void of Materialistic Rationalism: So dark!
  7. Unmasked Jogger: Spreading pandemics at a brisk 4-6 miles per hour.
  8. Deer In A Kevlar Vest: Only an AR-15 can take down such a hideous beast. Yikes.
  9. Kathleen Kennedy's Notebook of Star Wars Ideas: No! Aa!! Please!
  10. Sister of Perpetual Indulgence: Pure nightmare fuel. Thanks, Dodgers.
  11. Cell Phone With 1% Battery: Feel the fear!
  12. Average Starbucks Barista: You don't want to stare, but hard to look away.
  13. Sandbag: A menacing, would-be presidential assassin.
  14. Sexy National Debt Counter: Oh no! Now Congress is even more excited to spend your money!

Terrifying! If you didn't encounter any of the costumes listed above last night, consider yourself lucky. With so many horrifying sights from this Halloween, just imagine what's in store for next year.

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