Thanks To Stay-At-Home Order, Husbands Have New Opportunity To Supervise Their Wives Doing Chores

U.S.—The stay-at-home orders most states have issued have caused a big change in family dynamics, as now many men who were out of the house and unavailable to help with daily chores are now home and available to carefully supervise.

“I didn’t realize how much my wife did each day,” said David Lloyd, an accountant. “And she did it all without my input and helpful criticisms. Well, that’s changed now.”

Evan Norman, a computer programmer, agreed. “Now is a time for me to finally help at home, by making sure everything gets done right,” said Norman. “Since the quarantine started, I’ve constantly paused my video game to give helpful suggestions on cleaning the house and handling the kids.”

Experts do not know how much this increased supervision has increased the productivity of wives, as they have all just glared angrily in response to questions and have reminded us that, with this coronavirus, we should keep our distance.

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