Frightened Neighbors Call Police On Charismatic Family Worshiping At Home

BOULDER LAKE, AZ—Concerned neighbors called the police this morning as the Gallagher family, charismatic Christians, worshiped along with their church's live stream.

Worried for their safety as they heard strange sounds and lots of yelling coming from the charismatic believers' home, several neighbors living in their apartment building called 911.

"It sounded like they were jumping up and down, shouting things about fire, and screaming in weird languages," said one of the neighbors who called in the tip. "At one point I thought our roof was going to cave in, they were stomping so hard. And they kept yelling about being reckless or something, which was concerning."

"We were just really worried about them."

"What? Oh, no, we were just having church service," said Mrs. Jill Gallagher, speaking with the responding officer. "All that yelling about hurricanes and fire and earthquakes was just worship. We're not a crazy natural disaster cult or anything."

With permission from the family, the officer searched their home. Other than her husband rolling around on the floor and two of their kids handling venomous snakes, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

"Have a nice day, ma'am. And try to keep it down, please," the officer said as he left. He was sent home with two large casseroles.

A nearby Presbyterian family also worshiped this morning, but nobody even knew they were home.

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