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Texans Put 'Welcome To Texas' Signs Around Oklahoma So Californians Will Move There Instead

OKLAHOMA—Clever Texans have implemented a new strategy to stop Californians from fleeing their terrible state and ruining Texas with the same policies. Sneaking up to Oklahoma in the middle of the night, brave defenders of the Lone Star State installed "Welcome to Texas" signs atop the "Welcome to Oklahoma" signs surrounding Texas's neighbor. 

Californians, whose minds have been slowed from years of marijuana, sushi, and the patchouli of hippies, won't be smart enough to notice the difference and will settle down in Oklahoma, not realizing they moved to the wrong state.

"It's the perfect plan," said Texas Governor Greg Abbott. "While I don't condone vandalism or vigilantism, we must sometimes take desperate measures to ensure dumb Californians don't keep coming here and destroying everything."

Oklahomans, annoyed by their new Californian neighbors constantly saying "dude" and "bro," have hatched a plot to move the Welcome to Texas signs to Nebraska.

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