Study Finds 100% Of Anti-Gun Activists Were Horrible At ‘Duck Hunt’
Worldviews · Mar 12, 2020 ·

U.S. - A recent survey revealed a surprising trend in the development of anti-gun activists. The Pew Research Center conducted a survey among one thousand Americans who identify themselves as anti-gun. All fifty states were represented.

Participants were asked to identify the time in their lives when they began their negative view toward guns, and every single person surveyed pointed to the giggling dog in the classic Nintendo game Duck Hunt.

"I hated that dog," said one anonymous participant. "I really tried. I wanted to be good at shooting those ducks, but I never got past the first two. I figured if I couldn't be good at it, no one else should either, and I was against guns from that moment on."

The game, released in 1984, required users to operate a plastic controller shaped like a long, orange pistol. The goal was to virtually "shoot" ducks flying back and forth on the screen before they disappeared. One hundred percent of those who took the questionnaire attributed some or all of their negative view of guns to their poor performance playing the game.

"We definitely weren't expecting that," said researcher Gail Swan. "We assumed it would be something like a family member being shot or something like that, but nope. Duck Hunt."

Pew Research is planning another survey to see if being good at Duck Hunt had any bearing on those who staunchly support and defend gun ownership.

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