Steve Reiter Talks Loved Ones Dying Alone/Arbitrary Lockdown Rules/Reclaiming Our Human Dignity
The Babylon Bee ยท Aug 11, 2020

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In this episode of The Babylon Bee Interview Show, Kyle and Ethan talk to good friend of The Babylon Bee: Steve Reiter. Steve is the host of the Holy Smokes Podcast, which is about a friendship movement of cigar smoking Christians. Steve and his sons were kept apart from his sick wife for several weeks due to the inhumane policy of no visitors whatsoever for hospitalized patients during the pandemic. Steve's wife ended up dying alone. Since then, Steve has founded the Never Alone Project to pass legislation to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else ever again. Warning: this episode is a hard story to hear, but, Kyle, Ethan, and Steve are able to find joy and laughter in their fellowship together despite hard times.

Read Steve's full story in this piece on The Federalist.

In addition to checking out the Never Alone Project, there's a petition that you can sign.

Topics Discussed

  • Steve tells the story of his wife's health and long stay in the hospital alone due to arbitrary rules

  • Our humanity being being both physical and spiritual

  • Steve's efforts in Colorado on a bill to force the issue of at least one screened visitor per day

  • The failure of government and hospital administration at every step leading up to this

  • Steve's advice for anyone stuck in this situation

  • Steve is the host of Holy Smokes Podcast, so he talks a bit about that

  • Steve worked for Dr. James Dobson at Focus On The Family and Ethan seems to have him confused for someone else

  • The Ten Questions

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