Open Discussion Thread: Back To School! (Or Not)


It's that time of year again! Buying clothes and school supplies before sending your kids off for another year of school! Right? ...Right? What's going on? Some schools are delayed, some are going online, and some are starting up with some crazy restrictions. 

Here are some of the measures my kid's school is taking:

  • All kids wear masks at all times 
  • No school lunches
  • No water fountains
  • Socially distanced desks
  • No communal lunches. Everyone eats separately, at least 6 ft apart
  • Kids spaced out on different playgrounds for recess
  • Staggered hall lockers
  • No parents or volunteers allowed on site

It's crazy out there! So how are you guys handling it? Are you doing remote classes? Have you decided to homeschool altogether? Let us know what you're doing, how you're handling it, and how we can pray for you! 

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