Welp, Looks Like That One Family's Just Gonna Leave That 12-Foot Skeleton Up All Winter, Huh
Lifestyle · Dec 5, 2023 · BabylonBee.com

BRANSON, MO — According to sources, the Carter family, who turned heads this past Halloween with a giant 12-foot skeleton on their lawn, still hasn't taken the thing down and doesn't seem to have any plans to do so. So, it looks like they're just gonna leave the thing up all winter then, huh?

Really, someone should talk to them about this. It's such an eyesore now. People have to walk by and look at it all winter now. Can't the HOA do something about this? Isn't this what we pay them thousands of dollars per year for? Good grief! It looks like a sleazy Tim Burton Christmas special around here, folks!

So I mean, is anyone going to tell them? They're not even putting a Santa hat on the darn thing. This is just lazy! You know, back before Halloween I remember wondering where the heck they were going to store that giant thing when the holiday was over, and now I guess I have my answer: nowhere, that's where.

I don't want to throw glass stones at rock houses or whatever, but this is outrageous. We make fun of the Johnsons for leaving their Christmas lights up all year; a giant skeleton is fair game.

It should be illegal. I can't drive my kids past their house without them crying.

Stupid Carter family.

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