'Science!' Shouts Democrat Before Running Into A Tunnel Painted On A Wall
Politics ยท May 7, 2020

SACRAMENTO, CA - A local Democrat exclaimed, "Science!" before running into a tunnel painted on a wall. It's unclear exactly what the man thought "science" was, but it was definitely something that gave him enough confidence to run full speed into a solid wall.

The man bounced off the wall -- as often happens, by a layman's understanding of when two solid objects collide. Undeterred, the Democrat shouted even louder, "SCIENCE!" and ran into the wall again. The outcome was the same.

This time the man broke down, exclaiming into the air, "Science! What have I done to anger thee?" before collapsing to the ground and crying. Another man, a Republican, went to help the Democrat, but he was shushed away for "hating science."


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