Revealed: Here Are The Hidden Themes In All Of Disney's Most Beloved Movies
Entertainment · Nov 18, 2021 ·

Disney has released tons of beloved movies over the years. And they all have a super-special, unique message for our young ones. We analyzed over 40 billion hours of Disney movies and came away with the key theme of each of these cherished classics:

1. The Little Mermaid - Follow your heart.

2. Aladdin - Follow your heart.

3. Frozen - Follow your heart, unless doing so accidentally freezes your entire kingdom in ice and almost mass-murders everyone. But still. Follow your heart.

4. Pocahontas - Follow your heart and listen to talking trees.

5. Beauty and the Beast - Follow your heart.

6. Mulan - Follow your heart and join the army, girl!

7. Sleeping Beauty - You cannot save yourself and your only hope is a savior to rescue you, fight off the dragon, and awaken the sleepers. Wait, how'd this one get in here? Disney is canceled!

9. The Lion King - Follow your heart (must be read in James Earl Jones's voice).

10. Frozen 2 - Follow your heart because there's no god out there calling to you to save you and you must become your own savior as you are the one you were waiting for all along. Inspiring!

11. Alice in Wonderland - Follow your heart and do tons of mushrooms.

12. Tangled - Follow your heart.

13. Raya and the Last Dragon - Follow your heart and rip off Avatar the Last Airbender.

14. Cruella - Follow your heart, even if your heart is telling you to murder puppies.

15. Moana - Follow your heart and stop polluting the earth with climate change or something (honestly fell asleep during this one, sorry).

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