Deadpool Makes Surprise Cameo Appearance In 'The Chosen' Season 3
Entertainment · Nov 30, 2022 ·

HURRICANE, UT — In a stunning announcement, Disney has revealed "The Chosen" will be incorporated into the Marvel Multiverse following a cameo appearance by Deadpool in the show's upcoming third season.

"It's really a natural progression due to the show's success," said Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios. "The popularity of 'The Chosen' got Disney's attention, and they have an irrepressible need to bring every popular entertainment property under their umbrella."

While some people reacting online to the news were not pleased, other fans were eager to see how the story plays out. "I definitely didn't ever expect first-century Israel to be a part of the Marvel Multiverse, but I'm interested to see all of the characters interact," said Jedidiah Papabathini, a fan of both 'The Chosen' and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. "Seeing Deadpool show up and trade witty one-liners with Simon Peter is sure to be gold!"

For their part, the producers of "The Chosen" pledged to maintain the show's adherence to the biblical narrative as much as possible. "Giving glory to God and spreading the Gospel to as many viewers as possible will still be the goal," said series creator Dallas Jenkins. "Jesus will still be the centerpiece, you just might see occasional appearances from some of the Avengers."

At publishing time, Disney Marvel producers were already brainstorming about using the inclusion of Jesus in the Marvel Multiverse as a potential story element to bring previously killed-off characters back to life.

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