Report: Anything That Challenges Your Worldview Is Fake News
Internet · Jun 15, 2017 ·

CAMBRIDGE, MA - According to a new Harvard research study released Thursday, anything that you come across that challenges your worldview can safely be disregarded as fake news.

The study looked at thousands of news items, opinions pieces, articles, and headlines across the internet and other mediums, and confirmed that everything that introduces new information causing you to reassess your opinions and outlook on anything is 100% fabricated.

"If a news piece causes you to have even a brief moment of reflection on whether or not your worldview can accommodate the information being presented, it's definitely fake news," the head of the groundbreaking research study told reporters Thursday. "By way of contrast, real news will make you feel good about what you already believe and reaffirm your ideas, no matter how incorrect they are."

Researchers are hopeful that this study will help internet users to identify and call out fake news items as they come across them on their social media networks.

"Whenever you see something that doesn't line up with your preconceived opinions on every last detail, flag and report it as FAKE NEWS - in all capitals," the research head continued. "This way, you can curb the spread of harmful information that might challenge others to expand their viewpoints on the important social issues we face each day."

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