PSA: Stop Using Racist Terminology

With the rise of the novel coronavirus, there has been an uptick in people saying racist things like suggesting the virus came from the region it did in fact come from. So we're encouraging our readers to avoid problematic terms like "Wuhan virus," "Chinese coronavirus," "Kung Flu," "Black Pepper Death," "Chopsick," "Srirachoo," "Terracougha Army," or the "Great Whoop of China." Definitely don't use any of those. And certainly never name a disease, product, or cultural trend after the area it's from.

Instead, use our handy guide to avoid problematic, racist language:

Breaking: PayPal Now Available

Many of you told us you wouldn't subscribe until we offered PayPal as a payment option. You apparently weren't bluffing, so we finally caved and added PayPal. Now — like the unbeliever faced with God's invisible qualities displayed in nature — you are without excuse.

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