Media That Hypes Everything As A Crisis Shocked That No One Listens When Actual Crisis Arrives
World · Mar 11, 2020 ·

U.S. - The media that has hyped literally everything as the end of the world is shocked that people aren't taking them seriously when they are telling us how serious Coronavirus is.

While Coronavirus looks as though it could actually be a real crisis, Americans' response has generally been, "Meh!" or "Yeah, sure, OK, a world-ending crisis that could end millions of lives. Been there, done that."

The news outlets that said millions would die from Trump, the Kavanaugh nomination, tax cuts, the end of net neutrality, and hundreds of other things over the past few years are extremely worried that people are remaining apathetic in the face of the looming repercussions from the pandemic.

"Hey guys, the Coronavirus is coming to kill us all!" shouted a red-faced Brian Stelter on CNN. Though this time he actually had some facts and science to back up his claims, everyone shrugged and continued walking through the airports where CNN was playing across the country. "I'm serious! This time I mean it! WHY AREN'T YOU ALL TAKING ME SERIOUSLY!!!"

After Stelter's segment on Coronavirus, he went back to his regularly scheduled show where he just watches Fox News and yells at it.


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