Payday Loan Center Sets Up Shop In Egg Aisle
U.S. · Jan 30, 2023 ·

BRANSON, MO — The cost of groceries has continued to rise, despite the Biden Administration's concerted effort to reduce inflation by printing money. In fact, prices have now increased to the point that a Payday Loan Center was seen setting up shop in the egg aisle of a local grocery store.

The store graciously made room for the new enterprise by throwing out all of the Beyond Meat™.

"Shout out to Joe Biden for providing much-needed employment for loan sharks like me," said Payday Loan Center franchisee, Dirk Greedsniffle, while lighting a Cuban cigar and flicking grocery dust off his bright blue pinstripe suit. "By wringing every penny out of vulnerable families, I'll be able to afford eggs myself!"

A young mother then approached the shiny, oak desk of Greedsniffle and took out a short-term loan with a reasonable 75% interest rate, compounded daily, then carefully placed a single egg in her shopping cart and, ever-so-gently proceeded to checkout.

At publishing time Republican lawmakers had proposed a bill aimed at helping working-class families who suffer from rampant inflation by providing Payday Loan Centers in every home.

Should you get your kid the new iPhone 14? Of course.

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