Opinion: I Usually Like Satire, But This Time You've Gone Too Far
Internet · Dec 19, 2017 · BabylonBee.com

Pull up a chair, because we need to have a deeply serious conversation about satire, humor, and jokes on the internet.

See, I'm a connoisseur of satire. In fact, I almost got my Master's degree in humor and the satirical arts - I was just too busy commenting on things on the internet to finish it. So I'm pretty much an expert on exactly where the line is with things like satire.

All of that to say, I usually like satire, but your recent article went too far.

Here's the problem: other satirical articles you've run have reinforced my worldview, attacked my theological opponents, or simply made me laugh. That's good satire. Good satire punches up, see, which means that it doesn't broach topics that make me examine my own beliefs. Criticizing people or ideas I agree with? Well, that's punching down, and it's a sign that you just don't understand what you're doing.

So your recent stuff went way too far, because it violated these very well-known rules of satire.

You touched on a subject that is deeply personal to me. That idea is a hot-button issue for me, and therefore is off limits to any kind of satire, humor, or critique. It is most certainly exempt from any challenge to examine it closely. How could you, as a satire site, not realize this? I thought you guys were the pros, but obviously you have no idea what you're doing. Do better.

As a matter of fact: next time you're in doubt of what's too far and what's just right, run it by me.


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