All This Talk About Bolivia Must Mean Something Is Happening In Either South America Or Eastern Europe

U.S.—With lots of chatter about some sort of coup or protest or something in Bolivia, all indications are that something very big is happening in either South America or Eastern Europe.

Bolivia, which is most certainly not in Asia and has maybe a 15% of being in Africa, is most likely a country nestled somewhere in South America or perhaps bordering one of those former Soviet states like Georgia. Unrest there could affect grain maybe, oil perhaps (but probably not), and has a small chance of raising costs on one of those rare metals no one has heard of but that are used in, like, every electronic device.

“Are things bad enough that people should maybe scan the Wikipedia entry for Bolivia?” said foreign policy expert Leonard Gregory. “I’m not saying we’re there yet; it’s a long entry, and most people wouldn’t be certain what they should be scanning for. But people should be aware that Bolivia is the name of a country and not the name of a foreign city and know the two most likely continents it exists in.”

Stay tuned to The Babylon Bee for updates... unless Trump says something and we forget all about it.

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