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Nation's Christians Shocked That Popular CCM Artist Doesn't Have Robust Theology

U.S.—After a popular CCM artist recently gave a vague answer when asked whether or not homosexuality is a sin, the nation's believers expressed their utter shock that someone in the Christian music industry doesn't have a strong, well-grounded theology of God and the Bible.

Christians across the nation were reportedly blindsided to discover that a CCM artist doesn't have a robust understanding of the Bible and the character of God.

"Just based on the music alone, you'd think they'd have a full-fledged understanding of God," said one man in Nebraska. "I used to listen to CCM and accept every line as gospel truth. But now I guess I've gotta be careful and use some discernment—it's almost like the people behind the vapid, vague lyrics might have vapid, vague theology, sometimes."

Many Christians said their sole source of theology was Christian radio up until this point.

"I never really read the Bible or anything. I just listened to Air1 or KLOVE and that was my theological truth for the day," said a concerned believer in Southern California. "I guess I should turn to the Word of God to find out what God says, rather than people who write and perform CCM for a living."

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