George H.W. Bush's Faithful Service Cat Criticized For Chasing Laser Dot During Memorial Ceremonies
Politics · Dec 5, 2018 ·

HOUSTON, TX - While George H.W. Bush's service dog, Sully, has gone viral for solemnly mourning his master's passing, Bush's service cat, Tabby, has drawn heavy criticism for playing with a laser pointer throughout every ceremony, viewing, and memorial service held for the late president.

As close friends and family gathered to mourn Bush's passing, Tabby quickly lost interest and began dashing around the room at a laser pointer - no doubt operated by a child in the Bush family. While family members said kind words about the deceased, the cat leaped around the room, playing with potted plants, chasing shadows, and skidding around playfully, callously ignoring the fact that her master had recently passed away.

At one point, Sully gave the cat "the look," which settled her down for a few minutes. But then she did the unthinkable and climbed up on the casket, demanding to be petted and fed.

"It's like, just show some class," one family member uttered as the cat jumped toward the wall to catch a fly. "Sully's got it figured out - why can't the cat?"

The cat was taken to the state viewing and memorial service in Washington, D.C., where her unruly behavior continued. "It's like the cat doesn't care about anything but herself - almost like she has no soul," said one commentator.

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