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Nation's Atheists Standing Strong Despite Existence Of Bacon

U.S.—According to a recent report, the nation's atheists are still stubbornly refusing to admit the reality of God despite the fact that bacon clearly exists in our universe.

Christians had anticipated that atheism would be eradicated as knowledge of bacon's existence continued to grow, but so far, it hasn't made a dent.

"It doesn't make any sense," said apologist William Lane Craig. "To hold that there is no God and yet acknowledge the reality that bacon exists is well beyond the realm of logic and reason---it takes a whole lot of faith to be an atheist."

"There's crispy bacon, soft bacon, peppered bacon, bacon jerky, bacon-wrapped foods, bacon burgers---the evidence is undeniable."

Craig often engages atheists in debate. Sometimes, he simply puts a picture of bacon up on the video projector and says, "I rest my case." Other apologists have adopted this method, but to little effect so far.

At publishing time, reports had indicated that atheists are well aware of the existence of fish tacos, and yet still somehow deny that God is real.

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