Nation Patiently Awaits GQ Article Calling Koran Overrated
U.S. · Apr 23, 2018 ·

U.S. - After revered men's fashion magazine GQ published an article claiming the Bible was overrated, the nation began patiently waiting for the publication to claim the same for the Koran or other religious texts, sources confirmed Monday.

Upon learning of the mag's recent criticism of the Bible, the nation collectively refreshed GQ's website and scanned for information on its upcoming issue to determine when the follow-up article criticizing the Koran the team is definitely working on would be published.

"Any second now, they'll come through," Andy Paulson, 32, said in an interview. "Any magazine bold enough to call out Christians' sacred texts is surely brave enough to call the Koran overrated."

"They're gonna publish it, just you watch. Any moment," he added.

Several commentators theorized that GQ had meant to post a scathing criticism of the holy book of Islam along with the original article, but had accidentally dropped the paragraph at the last moment due to a glitch in the magazine's publishing platform. Others suggested that GQ will be saving its venom for a larger article in which it can slam the Koran in a more in-depth manner.

At publishing time, the nation had continued waited with bated breath for GQ to criticize the sacred texts of Hinduism, Buddhism, and various other world religions.

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