More Households Saving Money By Replacing Cable TV With 47 Different Streaming Services
Entertainment · Nov 13, 2019 ·

U.S. - A new report indicates more and more households in the US are replacing expensive cable television with up to 47 different streaming services.

"No longer do people have to pay upwards of $150 per month for a collection of channels," wrote one tech expert in Polygon. "Now you can subscribe to a bunch of different channels separately for like $300 a month. It's much more efficient."

Historians believe Americans used to have to rely on a wide variety of cable channels to play what they wanted, but now, they can subscribe to a wide variety of separate streaming services to watch what they want.

"You used to have to have like 300 channels just to be sure you could watch a particular Disney movie," wrote the expert. "Now, you just subscribe to Disney+ for the Disney movies, and like 299 other channels for all the other shows and movies. Isn't the streaming revolution so much better and more frugal than the way we used to do things?"

"We were looking for ways to cut costs, so we immediately got rid of the $200 cable bill," said one man in Montana. "Why would I pay that much money for all these channels when I can spend roughly the same amount of money on a bunch of different streaming services?"

At publishing time, Disney had announced a separate streaming service for every single one of its shows and movies.

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