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Local Man Sacrificially Volunteers To Bring Napkins To Potluck

MIDLAND, TX—Seeking to fill a great need at his congregation’s upcoming thrice-monthly potluck, local church member Greg Turner sacrificially signed up to bring a stack of napkins to the event, sources confirmed after a recent church service.

“I just want to bring my firstfruits before the Lord,” Turner said later that afternoon. “The Lord has blessed me with much, and I in turn want to go forth and bless others, specifically by bringing a stack of value-brand napkins to the potluck next week in lieu of any food contribution.”

Turner was spotted later that evening in the paper goods section of a local grocery store, asking an employee if they had anything smaller than a 100 pack of the bargain-price napkins.

“$1.89? Yeesh,” he was overheard muttering to himself as he selected the cheapest possible pack. “Nevertheless, I am happy to bear this burden out of love for my church family.”

At publishing time, Turner had left the store empty-handed, after suddenly remembering he had a half-pack of napkins in his cupboard at home that he could bring, left over from the previous potluck.

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