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Local Christian Band Threatens To Be The Next Creed

LA HABRA, CA—Local Christian garage band “Frail” is looking increasingly likely to be the next Creed, frightened sources reported Tuesday.

In a threatening video on the band’s website, Frail members warned they would be reintroducing a Creed-like sound to the contemporary Christian music market when they get famous.

The band’s 28 fans ominously confirmed that within the next year or two, their songs will be all over the radio, bringing back haunting memories of the period when Creed ruled the airwaves, dominating the radios of evangelicals and nonbelievers everywhere.

“We see ourselves as a blend of Creed, POD, and Evanescence,” lead singer Pete Coulson said. “We look forward to terrorizing Christians with our unique blend of late-90s Christian-adjacent bands for the next 10-15 years.”

At publishing time, the band had scaled back its ambitions, and is now just claiming to be the next Lifehouse, sources confirmed.

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