Kamala Harris Cackles As Migrant Child Asks For More Soup
Politics · Apr 1, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

TEXAS - While visiting a migrant facility along the Rio Grande, Kamala Harris was approached by a poor migrant child, Pablo Ramirez, who had emptied his bowl of thin gruel and wanted some more.

"Please - may I have some more?" the impoverished child, hurled over the border via catapult by smugglers earlier that morning, asked, holding out his empty bowl.

"More soup? Haha. You want more soup? Hahaha. You think we're gonna give you more soup? Ha. Haha. Hahahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!" cackled Harris. "Oh, I'm sorry. That's. That's a good one, Pedro. A good one, indeed. More soup. HAHAHAHAHA!"

Her laugh died suddenly and her face turned to one of rage. "How DARE you ask ME for MORE SOUP, BOY! NOW GET BACK IN YOUR CAGE BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND AND DECIDE TO TURN YOU INTO SOUP! HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!"

The media praised Kamala Harris for her humane, civil handling of the situation and remarked that she was the first vice presidential woman of color to threaten a migrant child for asking for more soup.

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