Kamala Harris: 'We Would Apply The Same Fair Standards To Any SCOTUS Nominee Whose Life We Were Trying To Destroy'
Politics · Oct 3, 2018 · BabylonBee.com

WASHINGTON, D.C. - After conservatives began to express concern that Senate Democrats have been going too far in their relentless assaults on Judge Brett Kavanaugh's character, Kamala Harris held a conference Wednesday in which she hit back.

Harris said in no uncertain terms that "we would apply the same fair standards to any SCOTUS nominee whose life we were trying to destroy." She said that it was "nothing personal," and that Democrats' crusade to dig up every detail of Kavanaugh's life and turn it into proof that he is a monster is "just part of what we do when we're trying to smear a person for good."

"He should have thought about this before he decided to be a pro-life conservative," Harris added. "It's all part of the process around here - we turn you into a villain no matter what the facts are, and we rip apart your life piece by piece."

"We would have done it to any of the nominees who seemed to threaten our big cash cow, Planned Parenthood," she continued. "Kavanaugh shouldn't take this personally - It's just good old-fashioned American pastime of ruining a man's life."


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