Jim Acosta Late For Press Conference Again After Staring At Self In Mirror For Three Hours
Politics · Nov 7, 2018 · BabylonBee.com

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Jim Acosta was late again for President Trump's press conference today after he stared at himself lovingly in the mirror for a full three hours.

A breathless Acosta ran into the press conference a few minutes after it started, sheepishly whispering to his colleagues that he lost track of time during his morning stare-at-Jim-Acosta ritual.

"I usually get up early enough to stare at myself for a couple hours at least, but I was running behind," he told reporters later. "Then I just kept looking into my eyes and thinking about how brave and powerful and smart I am, and I just lost track of... man, I really am courageous aren't I? Wait, what was I talking about again?"

At publishing time, Acosta was spotted staring at himself in a really shiny store window for nearly an hour.


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