Couple Narrowly Escapes Out Window After Small Group Leader Busts Out Board Game Collection
Christian Living · Nov 7, 2018 ·

BOSTON, MA - After their small group leader busted out his board game collection as the weekly Bible study was winding down Saturday afternoon, Jack and Molly Holmes barely managed to escape out a small side window.

"As long as everybody's here, I got a few new games we can try," the leader said as he walked over to his massive board game shelf and pulled down several games he'd been itching to play. "With rules explanation and snack breaks, this should only take us three or four hours to play through. Now, who wants to be the orange player?"

The Holmes had already walked through their plan previously and so were able to spring into action. "Oh man, a game about trains? This'll be really fun," Jack said, giving a signal to Molly to make a break for the side of the house. "I haven't played this one in a while. Can you give me a refresher as to how the goal cards work?"

As their host excitedly launched into an explanation, his nose buried in the rulebook, Jack sidled along the dining room wall, expertly blending in with the wallpaper, until he was able to join his wife outside and sprint for their car.

"Has anybody seen Jack and Molly?" the host asked a few minutes later. "I know how much they like this board game - they'll be so upset if we skip their turn."

He wandered around his house looking for the Holmes but was unable to find them. A few minutes later, he returned to the dining table to find every other member of the small group had also escaped out various windows, doors, and even the chimney.

"Oh well. Guess I'll just have to run through it solo!" he said cheerily, according to sources.

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