Jeep Sues Cherokee Tribe To Force Them To Change Their Name
U.S. · Mar 8, 2021 ·

DETROIT, MI - In a press release this week, Fiat Chrysler announced they will be suing Cherokee tribal leaders for using the Jeep Cherokee name without their permission. 

"The Jeep Cherokee has been a proud tradition for decades," said Michael Manley, CEO of the company. "I just found out this tribe of people from the American South has been appropriating the name of our flagship SUV without asking for it first and it must stop." 

"They can pick literally any other name they want -- 'Cherry Tree', 'Chickadee,' I dunno. They just can't use the name 'Cherokee.'"

According to sources, Jeep has sent an army of lawyers to deliver a "cease and desist" letter to the Cherokee tribal council. The tribe will be required to change their name or face costly legal battles.

The tribe is vowing to fight the army of lawyers to the last man.


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