Federal Agents Unable To Find Any Sound Doctrine In Benny Hinn's Offices
Celebs · Apr 28, 2017 · BabylonBee.com

GRAPEVINE, TX - After raiding offices of Benny Hinn, federal agents have confirmed to the press that they were unable to find a single shred of sound doctrine anywhere within the building occupied by Benny Hinn Ministries.

"We tore that place apart and I can confirm that there was absolutely zero biblical theology to be found," an IRS spokesperson revealed at a Friday press briefing.

"Not only were there no biblical teachings, there wasn't even a Bible in the vicinity of the ministry," he added.

Hinn has been in the headlines since the raid, with IRS agents and postal inspectors photographed walking in and out of his Dallas-area offices, carrying what appeared to be boxes and documents. From Paris, the wealthy televangelist issued a brief statement, chastising the IRS for raiding his offices and warning them to "touch not God's anointed."

"You will never connect any sort of sound doctrine to my ministry in any way, so you might as well stop looking," Hinn said.

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