Worship Leader Gets Supplemental Gig Following Pastor Around Quietly Picking His Guitar
Christian Living · Apr 29, 2017 · BabylonBee.com

DANA POINT, CA - Claiming the new gig will help pay the bills, worship leader Oscar "Octave" Anderson confirmed Tuesday his new supplemental after-hours job following Pastor Bill around and quietly picking his guitar at key moments in the pastor's work and home life.

Anderson has been instructed to slowly build into a touching guitar piece whenever the pastor prays for a family meal, gives a rousing speech at the office, or has an emotional, teaching moment with one of his kids.

"So you see kids, that's why we have to be kind to one another," the pastor recently said to his children after they had fought over a toy, prompting the worship leader standing by in the corner to begin a moody rendition of "Draw Me Close." "As we sit here in the quiet of this moment, I want each one of you to think about what you've done, and to raise your hand when you're ready to repent and ask Jesus to change your hearts."

Throughout the ordeal, the worship leader built his acoustic guitar part through a crescendo before breaking out into the chorus of the song.

"There wasn't a dry eye in the house," the pastor's wife said later.

Sources confirmed that Anderson has used various worship songs to the same effect throughout the pastor's daily life, like when Pastor Bill began arguing with the McDonald's drive-thru employee that he had been overcharged for his spicy chicken sandwich, and the time he pleaded with his wife to let him go to a baseball game.

"It's working out really well so far. I just can't seem to make my point in any conversation without a spontaneous guitar picking part slowly fading in," the pastor told reporters. "It's particularly effective at the church softball game."

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