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Local Man Only Able To Express Himself Through Reaction GIFs

BALTIMORE, MD—Local man Nick Gipson is now only able to express whatever emotion he is feeling at a given time by selecting an appropriate reaction GIF, behavioral scientists at John Hopkins University confirmed Monday.

Gipson slowly came to rely on the animated picture files as his chosen means of expression during his time interacting with others online, until his brain was somehow rewired to only think in terms of GIFs.

During a recent study, university researchers approached Gipson to ask how his day was going, prompting him to show them a picture of Supernatural‘s Dean Winchester with a single tear rolling down his cheek. Later that day however, Gipson’s mood improved considerably, as evidence by his sharing of an “excited Andy Dwyer” GIF.

“It’s incredible,” head researcher Dr. Trey Winston told reporters Monday. “He can express the full range of human emotion using nothing but short, animated images.”

The research team also said that Gipson displays remarkable “GIF control,” with the man boasting an uncanny ability to mentally catalog hundreds of thousands of reaction GIFs in his mind and access any one of them at a moment’s notice.

As researchers left Gipson for the day, the man pulled up a GIF of “Curly Bill” from Tombstone saying, “Well . . . bye,” sources confirmed.

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