Family's Christmas Card Photo Clearly Taken Inside Bass Pro Shops
Family · Dec 2, 2021 ·

MEMPHIS, TN - The Jacksons just sent out their Christmas cards for the year, but their recipients quickly noted that the picture was quite obviously taken inside the local Bass Pro Shops superstore. 

Numerous friends and family members who received the Jacksons' card noted the many similarities between their Christmas photo's background and the Christmas decorations at Bass Pro Shops.

"Hey -- is that a  Tracker boats logo?" asked the Parsons when they got their copy of the Christmas card in the mail. "And that's clearly Santa's workshop there. You can even see the Bass Pro Shops logo."

"I recognize that backdrop -- we used that for our family photo a few years ago," said Cynthia Manning when she got her copy in the mail. "They didn't even bother photoshopping out the telltale Bass Pro Shops signs. That's a real rookie move. When we took ours, you would have thought we did it at a professional studio."

"This is bush league."

Seth Jackson has defended his decision to have the family photo taken inside the outdoor superstore, pointing out that he saved "at least $200" doing it this way rather than hiring a professional photographer. However, his wife was quick to note that he picked up a new fishing rod and an AR-15 while they were there, negating any cost savings they might have realized.

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