Exciting! Check Out These 9 Trans-Friendly Kids' Shows Coming To Disney
Entertainment · Apr 4, 2022 · BabylonBee.com


The most important mission of children's entertainment is to instruct young minds in gender confusion and the most depraved sexual practices imaginable. In keeping with that time-honored mission, Disney is certainly delivering! Way to go, Disney! 

Here are 9 exciting new trans-friendly shows for you to enjoy with your kids: 

Sex & the City Junior - You loved the classic HBO show, now you can enjoy the reboot featuring 12-year-old trans kids! Is your trans kid like Carrie, or are they more of a Samantha?

Lightning McDragQueen - Everyone's favorite red racecar is now a woman! It's never too early to induce severe gender dysphoria in children, and this delightful new adventure in Radiator Springs will do the trick! 

Boy Meets Boy - About time this show got an update for 2022! 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Top-Surgery - Cartoon trans turtles help kids get over their fear of getting a double mastectomy at age 14. Important. 

Good Tuck Charlie - A shot-for-shot remake of the Disney classic show Good Luck Charlie - except everyone's trans now. NICE.

Doc McStuffin Her Pants - 6-year-old Dottie McStuffins realizes she's actually a boy trapped in a little girl's body and proceeds to perform gratuitous transition surgeries on all her stuffed animals.

Avatar: The Last Genderbender - The original Avatar featured themes of honor, duty, forgiveness, friendship, and sacrifice. This new version will teach something even more important: gender non-conformance. 

Hormones Montana - Follows the exciting journey of Hannah Montana as she gets prescribed testosterone by a therapist at school without her parents' permission to become Hank Montana!  

Muppet Gaybies - Don't be the only parents on the block without a gay baby. Sit them in front of the Muppet Gaybies today! 





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