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Entire Congregation Remains Seated While Singing 'The Stand'

LEXINGTON, KY—According to witnesses at First Avenue Baptist, the large gathering of believers partook in a moving, rousing rendition of hit worship song “The Stand,” while sitting down for the entirety of the song.

“So I’ll stand, with arms high and heart abandoned!” the church body sang, without moving a muscle or otherwise compromising their comfortable seated position.

As the background music died down and the worship leader distanced herself from her microphone for the final few dramatic lines of the song, one worshiper was spotted standing near the front of the sanctuary. Church members were relieved to discover he was simply standing up in order to walk to the restroom in the foyer, sources confirmed.

“What a powerful time of singing about our hearts offered to God and our souls standing for Him!” deacon Gregory Page told reporters afterward. “I’m just really glad no one ruined it by actually, you know, standing up, or raising their arms high.”

According to sources, the congregation next sang another contemporary song beginning with the line “We stand and lift up our hands,” while remaining completely motionless.

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