Family Exiting Church Unable To Find Minivan In Sea Of Identical Minivans
Church · Feb 10, 2017 ·

DALLAS, TX - Upon leaving church after service Sunday, the Carter family found themselves completely unable to find their maroon 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan amidst a sea of nearly identical minivans church members had parked in the church lot, sources confirmed Tuesday.

According to witnesses, the Carters wandered the lot for nearly an hour, pressing the alarm button on their key fob in a desperate attempt to locate their vehicle, but the three hundred other families swarming the parking lot had the same idea.

"We thought buying a minivan would be a great idea," Mrs. Carter told reporters. "But now I'm not so sure. Maybe we could have at least gotten a custom paint job."

"Oh, honey, I think that's it over there!" she said excitedly, running to a Caravan only to discover it was a 2010 model of the same color as their trusty 2007.

"There it is right there! Oh wait - nope, that's not it," family members repeated numerous times before finally discovering their vehicle just before the sun set.

At publishing time, the Carters had decided to decorate their car with a stick figure family, stating it would narrow down the search to "just fifty or sixty minivans" next Sunday.

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