Enraged Mormon BYU Football Crowd Shouts 'Fudge Joe Biden!'
Sports · Sep 28, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

PROVO, UT - Mormon students attending the Brigham Young University football game this past weekend joined other colleges across the country in expressing their opinion of President Biden.

"Fudge Joe Biden! Fudge Joe Biden!" chanted the football fans in between plays. Some local onlookers were shocked at the brazen obscenity, but others gleefully responded saying "Ohhh SNAP!" 

"Golly, I'm pretty darn disappointed in Biden, what a frigging frikker," said Beckett Johns, a first-year student at the school. "When he was elected, I was all like, 'Dangit! What the heck?' because he's probably one of the most underwhelming presidents ever and a total butt."

BYU's leadership has condemned the obscene chant, saying "Gee whiz, we're mighty peeved by this crappy behavior at our games." They then immediately put their hands over their mouths as they had just accidentally said the word "crappy."

Senator Mitt Romney has promised to withdraw his donations to the school if the obscene chant isn't stopped. 


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