Dog Decides To Switch Things Up And Sleep In Different Patch Of Sunlight Today
Life · Nov 10, 2023 ·

WATERVILLE, OH — A local dog decided to mix things up a bit this week by moving from his regular sunbeam to a completely new sunbeam in a different part of the house.

Speaking through a translator, Jake the Dog told reporters he had been feeling like he was in a rut and needed to change things up. "I love my usual sunbeam, it's just the perfect spot to rest after a long night of sleeping, a long morning of napping, and a busy afternoon of snoozes. But dangit it if I didn't need a change of scenery."

Jake's owners were surprised to see their furry friend move from his usual spot in the front room.

"Jake always sleeps in the same place every day, it's a nice cozy area where the sun hits just right," Jake's owner Sarah Jackson said. "When he got up and moved ten feet to the left, well, that really shook us up. I guess he's starting to branch out."

Jake announced plans to move back to his original sunbeam in a few days when he ran out of ways to circle around and lay down in his new spot.

"BARK BARK BARK," Jake said after reporters ran out of money for a dog translator.

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