Doctors Discover Strange, Baby-Shaped Organ In Woman's Womb
Health · Jan 27, 2017 ·

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - Local woman Megan Varner had been complaining of abdominal pain, bloating, and nausea for several months, prompting her doctors to examine her abdomen using advanced ultrasound technology.

What they found stunned them, and sent shockwaves rippling through the medical community.

"The patient had a large, functioning organ that seemed to be rapidly developing in her uterus," Varner's doctor told reporters Thursday. "Shockingly, it was shaped almost exactly like a human baby. Just a little bit smaller."

"We considered the possibility that she was pregnant, but a fetus is just a clumpy, blobby glob of cells, which does not resemble a human being until it exits the mother's womb and instantly becomes an actual baby," the doctor noted. "So we knew this had to be a newly discovered organ instead."

The strange, baby-shaped organ has quickly become national news, baffling doctors and igniting debates as to what purpose the body part might serve.

"It's amazing - this organ totally looks like a different, unique human being, but it's just a part of this woman's body," the doctor confirmed. "The organ is clearly active and functioning, so we will be monitoring it closely to see what vital purpose it must be serving for her."

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