Top 5 Most Hilarious Christian Comedies Of All Time
Entertainment · Jan 26, 2017 ·

Good Christian comedy is not easy to pull off. In fact, it's downright hard.

Lucky for us, Christianity has a stable of comedic thoroughbreds pumping out high-quality comedic films and generating high-intensity laughs.

At The Babylon Bee, we think the best of the best deserve our utmost respect and support. Here are our votes for top 5 Christian comedies of all time:

5.) Left Behind: The Movie - A slick, subtle satire on premillennial eschatology, Left Behind is an absolute masterwork of the comedy genre. Kirk Cameron takes on the role of ambitious journalist Cameron "Buck" Williams, and plays it with a pitch-perfect deadpan tone, highlighting the absurdity of the plot and dialogue. Featuring intentionally terrible acting and a tongue-in-cheek, self-aware script, Left Behind brilliantly parodies other attempts to make a good movie on the Tribulation.

4.) God's Not Dead - Brutally skewering modern evangelical tendencies like having a persecution complex, thinking that all atheists are two-dimensional, militant conspirators against the Christian faith, and liking music like the Newsboys, God's Not Dead is a relentless, moving lampoon of some of the worst tendencies modern Christianity has to offer. Its implausible dialogue and predictable finale will have you doubling over in laughter. This is our generation's Airplane! or Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

3.) Heaven Is For Real - A side-splitting good time, Heaven Is For Real relentlessly mocks Christians who fall for heaven tourism books and films. Featuring a completely unrealistic trip to a hilariously unbiblical portrayal of heaven, Heaven Is For Real is a rollickin' good time.

2.) Fireproof - If you're not watching closely, you might think Fireproof is a simple drama that handles issues like marital love and pornography use in a slightly ham-fisted manner. But for those in the know, Fireproof is actually an intricate satire of fluffy, inspirational Christian films that came before it. Kirk Cameron even stars as himself, a subtle, clever nod to the actor's appearance in so many awful Christian movies. And just check out the hilarious lines like "You can't expect me to work every day and get the groceries while you look at trash on the internet dreaming about your boat." Bravo, Fireproof. Bravo.

1.) Hillsong: Let Hope Rise - Move over, Spinal Tap: Hillsong is now the master of the mockumentary. Poking fun at the lucrative Christian worship industry and the impeccable production values needed to invoke some kind of perceived move of the Holy Spirit, Let Hope Rise is a masterpiece that satire legends like Rob Reiner can only dream of.

You may not agree with our choices for top 5 most hilarious Christian comedies of all time, but one thing is for certain: we are blessed to live in a golden age of brilliant Christian comedy.

Here's hoping the hits keep coming!

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