Disney World Updates Hall Of Presidents To Include Kamala Harris
Politics · Dec 3, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

ORLANDO, FL - In preparation for the new administration, the legendary Disney World Hall of Presidents exhibit has updated its lineup to include the 46th President of the United States: Kamala Harris.

"I mean-- we all know it's gonna be her anyway," said Park Director Michael Colglazier. "These animatronic robot things are stinkin' expensive, ok? Park revenue has been down lately due to COVID and we can't afford to buy both a Biden robot and a Kamala bot."

According to sources, some proposed buying one animatronic skeleton and just switching out the outer shell for Kamala once Biden finally passes into the Great Beyond. 

"Yeah, we decided not to do that. We already did that after we built a Hillary figure since everyone thought she was going to win. We kept the Hillary skeleton and just put a Trump skin on top of it. The results were absolutely horrifying, so we learned our lesson."

A Disney spokesperson insisted this will make for a "much better and more historic" exhibit since Kamala Harris is a woman of color and that's much better and more historic. "Plus," said the spokesperson, "we were unable to produce a coherent voice sample for a Biden robot."

Unfortunately, the exhibit hit a snag when test audiences ran out of the building screaming after hearing Kamala Harris's signature cackle emanating from the robot.

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